On Hiatus (again)

Find me on my personal/non-fandom blog- Solavoxe. (In fact this is probably a better idea if you follow me for non-kpop-fandom reasons, since this blog is so heavily kpop oriented)

I’ll still be lurking every so often ;_;

i have 99 problems and Yuzuru Hanyu is all of them

kinda wanna play flappy bird. kinda wanna throw myself off a cliff.

8/ luhan moments: you make my heart go doki doki


EXO - 으르렁 Piano Version (Major Keys)

this makes me so happy, yet it makes me want to cry

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I learned digital art just so I can draw boys in space suits when in doubt or sad.

This space Kai looks like an asshole: “I am not getting into your pants, Kyungsoo, only because it’s fucking impossible to take these suits off”

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sehun backhugging kris

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Suho at Gayo Daejun

one of sehun’s charming points: his collarbones | 2